Knitting and theatre

Is this the world's first knitting and theatre blog? Looking at the two things that take up 90% of any spare time I have.

12 December 2006

It's been a while

Where have the last two months gone? I didn't realise it had been so long since I posted. Knitting-wise, I'm plodding along. I tried the dolly bag twice, but messed it up, so am going to put it to one side for a while and do other things, because we're clearly not meant to be...! I've started on the Crinkle jacket from one of the Rowan magazines (no 39 I think) and am knitting a draught excluder for my parents' new house (beautiful, but the doors need replacing!) I couldn't find a pattern for one anywhere, so have made it up! I'm knitting a long tube, then thought I would tie the ends like a Christmas cracker with i-cord. Should work! It's a thick yarn (RYC tweed) on 5mm needles, so is very dense - should be perfect at keeping out the draughts.

Theatre-wise, it's a bit quiet as well. We had the workshop for Faust, which was a lot of fun. I've now worked on the script and sent it round, but haven't heard from anyone else with their re-writes, so we shall see.

So just hanging in until I head off to France for Christmas in the new house. I'm going by train, which will mean lots of quality knitting time! will certainly get the draught excluder finished and might try some socks as well.

23 October 2006

Not getting on with much at the moment

I've had a bit of a fallow patch knitting-wise. But that does at least mean I've been having a great social life! Mad weekends out partying lead to days spent on the sofa recovering and knowing that I can't tackle anything tricky, as my concentration is a bit up the spout! Having said that, I have managed half the dolly bag and started the socks for my Pa's christmas present.

Started the Faust process this weekend - we held a script workshop, with the idea to cut the Marlowe text to a 45 minute play. We also discussed ideas and approaches. All in all a very nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. This week's looking pretty busy socially as well, which is great!

06 October 2006

Vogue Knitting and little hats

I received my first copy of Vogue Knitting last night. Oh. My. God. It actually makes me want to resign from my job so I can stay home and knit all day! There are two jumpers I definitely want to knit, and it explains some interesting techniques. Even better is that I'm off to the US at the beginning of November, so I'll be able to buy some of the yarns for the things I want to knit. Great stuff.

I also spent last night knitting little hats for the innocent smoothies help the aged campaign. They're going to put the hats on smoothies and then give 50p for each one sold to Help the Aged. I got through 3 last night! It's a great idea, because it's the sort of little project you can have in your handbag for train journeys or whatever, plus a great stash reduction strategy.

Talking of stash... there's three kinds, isn't there? The left-overs from completed projects, the stuff bought for new projects you haven't knit yet and then the random "that looks nice, I'll take a couple of skeins you never know do you" stuff. I have much of all of them!

Things I must get on with:
sian's baby jacket (will buy the DK to sew up the seams this weekend and then that will get finished next week)
Crinkle (started it, but bogged up within about 6 rows. But I know where I went wrong)
The 2 Kim Hargreaves kits
Line my Debbie Bliss bag
Daddy's socks (when the yarn arrives)
The Dolly Bag from Rowan
Try felting that Emma King bag (I knitted an evening bag, but it's very floppy, so I thought I'd try felting it and see what happens!)

I also need to try to find something to knit for Dom and Esther for Christmas (Dom being my brother and Esther his black labrador).

29 September 2006

First time socks

So here they are, my first pair of socks. The Kitchener stitch didn't work at all well on the first one, but was fine on the second one. I also need to work out how to avoid getting a hole at the point where the heel flap is picked up for the instep. Someone told me, but I didn't quite understand, so I shall ask the trusty Rowanettes! But overall I'm pretty pleased. My pa would like a pair for Christmas, so I've downloaded what looks like a nice pattern from Knitty. I did enjoy using the self-patterning yarn, and I kinda like that the two socks are slightly different! There was just enough in one ball of yarn for the two socks, which is cool. Just knocking up some wrist warmers at the moment, as the baby jacket is on hold till I buy some DK in an appropriate colour to do the stitching. I've also started on Crinkle from Rowan 39 in a lovely green colour. And then I have to line my tote - will need to ask Iona for a hand with that - sewing is WAY out of my comfort zone!

25 September 2006

It's all over

So there we are, it's over. Last week was show week for the Blue Room, and it went down a storm. The way I had conceived the production made it a huge challenge technically, but the team pulled it off. All credit to them for a fantastic job. We got a professional camera man in to video it on Friday, so we'll have a wonderful reminder of it, plus I'll be able to show it to people who are interested in the future - maybe use it as an audition piece to study directing (well a girl can dream!). The cast party was totally epic. We started off with a meal at Les Brassins, which was great. Then we headed to Debbie's birthday party, plugged in the SingStar and totally took over! And then suddenly it was 6.30 in the morning, and having stayed up that long, it would have been churlish to go to bed, so after hanging around for a while, Abi and I got a cab down to the Marché du Midi and had insimin and mint tea for breakfast! Then back to the house, where I crashed out for a few hours. Abi then came round with some food and we watched my new digital TV service all afternoon - including following the Ryder Cup Five Live coverage. How exciting was that?! This is the only time of the year I like golf, but it was fabulous.

I did of course do some knitting yesterday, but given my state of exhaustion, nothing too challenging - just the leg of the second sock. This week is going to be great - doing absolutely nothing in the evenings, as I try to recover from last week. But I would (and I'm sure will) do it all again!

14 September 2006

So, here's a photo of the exchange gift I sent to Deborah. When I am using my house as something more than a very large cupboard i.e. actually spending some time there, I'll take a photo of my first sock as well. On to sock number 2 now, but only getting in a few rounds here and there, as we count down to curtain up on the Blue Room. We're just about sold out - I think there were 30 tickets left yesterday and more bookings have come in, which is great news. Recognition for all the time and energy put in by the cast and crew on what has been a very ambitious production. Paul Davis aka The Voice of Reason thinks we've pulled it off and I hope he's right! Dress tonight, the opening next Tuesday. I'll be a wreck by then!

06 September 2006

The home straight/Exchange/The Joy of Socks

So, we're into the last week or so. Opening night less than two weeks away, dress rehearsal (and media preview night) a week tomorrow. we ran through the whole thing last night and it's looking good. I really think that if we pull this off, it'll be really special. Martin is taking direction (gasps of astonishment), Abi is pulling off a virtuoso performance, the set looks magnificent and the sounds really enhance it. Woohoo!

Got an e-mail from Deborah Miller, who got the exchange gift (phew). I'd never tried cables before, but I was really pleased how it turned out and will definitely give them another go. Photo not working at the moment, but I'll add it another time.

I've also taking a step forward by knitting my first sock! Well, it's not quite finished, just the toe to go. But it's been fabulous fun, and I'll definitely be making moe. It got much easier when I changed to bamboo needles, and I devised a system of moving the stitches round the needles every few rounds, so that the gap isn't always in the same place. Self-patterning yarn is hilarious fun!