Knitting and theatre

Is this the world's first knitting and theatre blog? Looking at the two things that take up 90% of any spare time I have.

28 February 2006

Project update

As promised, some news and photos. I've now finished the Froth scarf that I got free with my Rowan Club membership. It came out really nicely, and I like the frill edge, shall do that again. The Kidsilk Haze is a nice yarn, though does tend to shed a bit.

As promised, this is the Big Wool Fusion jacket I did (complete with inquisitive kitty!). It knitted up really quickly, which was great and it is beautifully warm. I just need to find some buttons to go with it. Any suggestions of where to get big enough buttons would be gratefully received (the cardi is knitted with 15mm needles, so the buttonholes are pretty big)

This poncho was the first thing I'd knitted for myself for years and years, which I finished in October. It was from some balls of hot pink DK given to me by my best friend's mother. The poncho is really simple, two rectangle sewn together, and I shall use the pattern again, though this time making the rectangles slightly wider, so it doesn't gape so much at the neck. I love this poncho though, I wear it loads. It's great in the autumn, and I love people complimenting it, and I can say "thanks, I made it myself!"

So now, I have to finish the Debbie Bliss coat - only one sleeve and the collar to go. Then I've got wool for a very sweet herringbone skirt, and some beautiful colinette yarn (point 5) that I shall knit into a looped scarf. Then I shall treat myself to one of the new Kim Hargreaves designs - probably Fay.

Shame I have to work really...I'd much prefer to be at home knitting! Obsessive, me?!

16 February 2006

New First Post

OK, so I was going to do a blog focusing on how Eurocrats are ordinary people too blah blah. But that's a bit po-faced for me I think. so it's going to be about me and more particularly, my two big pasttimes at the moment: theatre and knitting. As they are mutually exclusive - if I'm out rehearsing I can't be home knitting - it should keep things interesting.

I'm currently in a knitting phase, as I just finished a show (performing the Alan Bennett monologue Bed Among the Lentils, if you're interested). I've got a few WIPs underway:

1) a three-quarter length coat in dark purple cashmerino astrakhan by Debbie Bliss. I've done the fronts and back, just the sleeves and collar to go. That's been really interesting for two reasons: one, it's the first time I've used circular needles to knit straight rather than in the round and two, the front and sides are knit from seam to seam not top to bottom. The yarn is quite challenging too, as it has lots of room for getting caught in a loop and creating extra stitches. So I need some light relief sometimes. Any advice on how to make it up would be useful, as I don't fancy using the yarn itself, as you usually do.

2) light relief is a scarf which was the free gift when I joined the Rowan club and is knitted in their Kidsilk Haze. That's going to be beautifully soft and is in a lovely green colour. I think I'll try the shawl in the latest version of their magazine at some time in the future. This will be the first time I try picking up stitches and will make the most of my newfound circular needle skills.

3) I've also got a little garter stitch baby jacket on the needles. I love knitting baby clothes as you see them appear so quickly, so it gives you comfort when instructions such as "cast on 240 stitches and knit in st st for 48 rows" just make you despair!

15 March will see the first evening of a knitting circle I'm setting up with some mates here in Brussels. Funny how everyone 'comes out' as a knitter or cross-stitcher once one person owns up publicly! We're combining it with our regular clothes swapping party - can you think of a more girlie evening?!

Next time I post I'll try to have a picture of the Rowan Big Wool Fusion jacket I knitted which is the first adult thing I've done in ages, and which came out really well. It's baking hot to wear though!!