Knitting and theatre

Is this the world's first knitting and theatre blog? Looking at the two things that take up 90% of any spare time I have.

14 June 2006

More Real Lady Macbeth news

Wanted to put up a picture of the Real Lady Macbeth, I'm the titchy one in the purple dress. The whole thing is really taking off - we'll find out this weekend whether we'll be invited to perform in the All-Winners Festival in Woking at the end of the July, and we may also do a couple of nights at a church in Covent Garden - West-End debut!
I start rehearsals tonight for David Hare's The Blue Room, which will be on in September. As if I didn't have enough on my plate! Managed to get some knitting in last night on my exchange gift. Totally messed up one row and I had to unpick cable - that's a first I can tell you!

06 June 2006

We won!

The Real Lady Macbeth won FEATS! I got nominated for best actress (along with all my fellow cast members!). We won best stage management. It was a triumph. I also managed to combine knitting and theatre for the first time, by knitting during the Forum and in the bar during the fringe! I'm working on my Rowan exchange gift, but as rehearsals for the Blue Room start next week, I'm not sure when I'll get time!

If you're wondering what FEATS is, got to