Knitting and theatre

Is this the world's first knitting and theatre blog? Looking at the two things that take up 90% of any spare time I have.

15 July 2006

No time to knit!

Is it really over a month since I've written?! It's been so hectic. Going back to the UK for the all winners festival has turned into going back to the UK to perform in London, the All-Winners and a shakespeare festival at the RSC in Stratford! Which is the pinnacle of any actor's dream, and pretty much as good as its going to get, I reckon!

Interwoven into the death throes of Real Lady Macbeth are the first few reheaersals for the blue room. That's going really well. We've started blocking the david hare bits and have identified the poetry bits that will come in between the different scenes. Abi and Martin are going to be fantastic and its going to set a few pulses racing, I reckon! Almost all crew on board too, which is a relief.

So is it any wonder the knitting's taken a bit of a back seat?! I've been working on my exchange gift. I'm about 1/3 of the way through, but with going to the UK next week, then the holiday after that, I think I should get it done by the extended deadline of 10 August.