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24 August 2006

It's moved into addiction

I've started to realise that I have actually become addicted to knitting. I haven't been able to sit down and have a really good knit for weeks, because since I got back from holiday, it's been rehearsals every night. And I'm having withdrawal symptoms! I've just spent half my lunch hour drooling over patterns and yarns like builders drool over Page Three girls! Double plus ungood.

Not that I'm not having fun with the play. We had our first run-through last night, well, more like a limp through, but it gave a first sense of the shape of the piece - what it's saying, how it hangs together. At first read, the challenge of the Blue Room seems to lie in the acting, but as we go on I realise that the make or break will be the technical side. I've got the best crew going, so I hope we'll be able to pull it off. Even if some of Mr Hare's stage directions are ignored!

Exchnage gift finally got sent off a few days ago. It looked great once it was sewn up - I hope my exchnagee likes it.


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