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29 September 2006

First time socks

So here they are, my first pair of socks. The Kitchener stitch didn't work at all well on the first one, but was fine on the second one. I also need to work out how to avoid getting a hole at the point where the heel flap is picked up for the instep. Someone told me, but I didn't quite understand, so I shall ask the trusty Rowanettes! But overall I'm pretty pleased. My pa would like a pair for Christmas, so I've downloaded what looks like a nice pattern from Knitty. I did enjoy using the self-patterning yarn, and I kinda like that the two socks are slightly different! There was just enough in one ball of yarn for the two socks, which is cool. Just knocking up some wrist warmers at the moment, as the baby jacket is on hold till I buy some DK in an appropriate colour to do the stitching. I've also started on Crinkle from Rowan 39 in a lovely green colour. And then I have to line my tote - will need to ask Iona for a hand with that - sewing is WAY out of my comfort zone!


At 9:21 am, Blogger Stephanie said...

beautifull socks! i think they look great, and that they are the first of a long serie. Everyone will want some! :)


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