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06 September 2006

The home straight/Exchange/The Joy of Socks

So, we're into the last week or so. Opening night less than two weeks away, dress rehearsal (and media preview night) a week tomorrow. we ran through the whole thing last night and it's looking good. I really think that if we pull this off, it'll be really special. Martin is taking direction (gasps of astonishment), Abi is pulling off a virtuoso performance, the set looks magnificent and the sounds really enhance it. Woohoo!

Got an e-mail from Deborah Miller, who got the exchange gift (phew). I'd never tried cables before, but I was really pleased how it turned out and will definitely give them another go. Photo not working at the moment, but I'll add it another time.

I've also taking a step forward by knitting my first sock! Well, it's not quite finished, just the toe to go. But it's been fabulous fun, and I'll definitely be making moe. It got much easier when I changed to bamboo needles, and I devised a system of moving the stitches round the needles every few rounds, so that the gap isn't always in the same place. Self-patterning yarn is hilarious fun!


At 6:52 pm, Anonymous Karin said...

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