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25 September 2006

It's all over

So there we are, it's over. Last week was show week for the Blue Room, and it went down a storm. The way I had conceived the production made it a huge challenge technically, but the team pulled it off. All credit to them for a fantastic job. We got a professional camera man in to video it on Friday, so we'll have a wonderful reminder of it, plus I'll be able to show it to people who are interested in the future - maybe use it as an audition piece to study directing (well a girl can dream!). The cast party was totally epic. We started off with a meal at Les Brassins, which was great. Then we headed to Debbie's birthday party, plugged in the SingStar and totally took over! And then suddenly it was 6.30 in the morning, and having stayed up that long, it would have been churlish to go to bed, so after hanging around for a while, Abi and I got a cab down to the Marché du Midi and had insimin and mint tea for breakfast! Then back to the house, where I crashed out for a few hours. Abi then came round with some food and we watched my new digital TV service all afternoon - including following the Ryder Cup Five Live coverage. How exciting was that?! This is the only time of the year I like golf, but it was fabulous.

I did of course do some knitting yesterday, but given my state of exhaustion, nothing too challenging - just the leg of the second sock. This week is going to be great - doing absolutely nothing in the evenings, as I try to recover from last week. But I would (and I'm sure will) do it all again!


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