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01 September 2006

Rowanette Exchange

I took part in my first Rowanette exchange this year. What a joy! Basically you sign up, answering a short questionnaire and you get sent the details of someone you knit for. Each year there's a theme, which was "Home and Hearth" this year. Of course, someone else has your details, so one day you receive a surprise package with something that has been knitted for you by a stranger. Such a lovely idea. Karin Boogarts knitted for me, and send me the loveliest pair of felted slippers, which I wear all the time round the house. Also a pair of socks, and she included a beautiful smelling soap and some special Enschede (NL) biscuits. Photo included. I'd better not say what I knitted on the off-chance someone actually reads this blog and spoils the surprise for my person (though I hope she'll receive it soon, as I did send it off a while ago). Still, great experience and I'll definitely take part again next year. Special thanks to my "Exchnage Mum" Carol, for her organisation.


At 7:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Antonia,
Thank you for putting the picture on your blog. I really enjoyed knitting for you. I`m glad you like the "theatrical" slippers.
love, Karin


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