Knitting and theatre

Is this the world's first knitting and theatre blog? Looking at the two things that take up 90% of any spare time I have.

14 September 2006

So, here's a photo of the exchange gift I sent to Deborah. When I am using my house as something more than a very large cupboard i.e. actually spending some time there, I'll take a photo of my first sock as well. On to sock number 2 now, but only getting in a few rounds here and there, as we count down to curtain up on the Blue Room. We're just about sold out - I think there were 30 tickets left yesterday and more bookings have come in, which is great news. Recognition for all the time and energy put in by the cast and crew on what has been a very ambitious production. Paul Davis aka The Voice of Reason thinks we've pulled it off and I hope he's right! Dress tonight, the opening next Tuesday. I'll be a wreck by then!


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