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Is this the world's first knitting and theatre blog? Looking at the two things that take up 90% of any spare time I have.

23 October 2006

Not getting on with much at the moment

I've had a bit of a fallow patch knitting-wise. But that does at least mean I've been having a great social life! Mad weekends out partying lead to days spent on the sofa recovering and knowing that I can't tackle anything tricky, as my concentration is a bit up the spout! Having said that, I have managed half the dolly bag and started the socks for my Pa's christmas present.

Started the Faust process this weekend - we held a script workshop, with the idea to cut the Marlowe text to a 45 minute play. We also discussed ideas and approaches. All in all a very nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. This week's looking pretty busy socially as well, which is great!


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