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06 October 2006

Vogue Knitting and little hats

I received my first copy of Vogue Knitting last night. Oh. My. God. It actually makes me want to resign from my job so I can stay home and knit all day! There are two jumpers I definitely want to knit, and it explains some interesting techniques. Even better is that I'm off to the US at the beginning of November, so I'll be able to buy some of the yarns for the things I want to knit. Great stuff.

I also spent last night knitting little hats for the innocent smoothies help the aged campaign. They're going to put the hats on smoothies and then give 50p for each one sold to Help the Aged. I got through 3 last night! It's a great idea, because it's the sort of little project you can have in your handbag for train journeys or whatever, plus a great stash reduction strategy.

Talking of stash... there's three kinds, isn't there? The left-overs from completed projects, the stuff bought for new projects you haven't knit yet and then the random "that looks nice, I'll take a couple of skeins you never know do you" stuff. I have much of all of them!

Things I must get on with:
sian's baby jacket (will buy the DK to sew up the seams this weekend and then that will get finished next week)
Crinkle (started it, but bogged up within about 6 rows. But I know where I went wrong)
The 2 Kim Hargreaves kits
Line my Debbie Bliss bag
Daddy's socks (when the yarn arrives)
The Dolly Bag from Rowan
Try felting that Emma King bag (I knitted an evening bag, but it's very floppy, so I thought I'd try felting it and see what happens!)

I also need to try to find something to knit for Dom and Esther for Christmas (Dom being my brother and Esther his black labrador).


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