Knitting and theatre

Is this the world's first knitting and theatre blog? Looking at the two things that take up 90% of any spare time I have.

12 December 2006

It's been a while

Where have the last two months gone? I didn't realise it had been so long since I posted. Knitting-wise, I'm plodding along. I tried the dolly bag twice, but messed it up, so am going to put it to one side for a while and do other things, because we're clearly not meant to be...! I've started on the Crinkle jacket from one of the Rowan magazines (no 39 I think) and am knitting a draught excluder for my parents' new house (beautiful, but the doors need replacing!) I couldn't find a pattern for one anywhere, so have made it up! I'm knitting a long tube, then thought I would tie the ends like a Christmas cracker with i-cord. Should work! It's a thick yarn (RYC tweed) on 5mm needles, so is very dense - should be perfect at keeping out the draughts.

Theatre-wise, it's a bit quiet as well. We had the workshop for Faust, which was a lot of fun. I've now worked on the script and sent it round, but haven't heard from anyone else with their re-writes, so we shall see.

So just hanging in until I head off to France for Christmas in the new house. I'm going by train, which will mean lots of quality knitting time! will certainly get the draught excluder finished and might try some socks as well.